Frequently Asked Questions

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Q1: My Lawn is a real mess! We have cynodon lawn and it is ridden with every weed you can think of. Please Help


A1: Easy Green has a very simple solution for you. A product which you can buy off the shelf known as Makhro Home & Gardens' Super Lawnweeder will have the greatest success. Remember, when tackling any weed problems affecting your lawn you need to be very methodical in your treatment. A noticeable effect of the product is generally visible after 8 days and you should notice distinctive yellow/brown patches appearing in the areas where the weeds are being treated by the herbicide.

Read your product label carefully and reapply when necessary to achieve the perfect lawn you are looking for

Arthur Keegan – Technical Advisor

Q2: Amateur rose grower. Just purchased a few rose bushes and I would like to make sure they are 100% protected.
What should I do?


A2: Roses are delicate and always require a lot of love and attention. What Easy Green would recommend is to begin by making sure the soil environment you are planting your roses into, is primed for perfect growth. Use a product like Easy Greens Humic Total to Activate your soil.

Once you have planted your roses, apply an Insecticide known as Koinor at the base of the stems. This product is EXCELLENT! It will be absorbed into the plant from the root base and will protect it from the inside out.

Once your roses have begun to grow, a product called Rose Protector will assist in keeping any fungus and pest attacks at bay. A must have in your garden shed to apply when the time comes. Chronos is also an ace card in any rose grower’s arsenal to fight powdery mildew and blackspot on your roses.

Nathan Keegan – Managing Director


Q3: What Organic Program should I use in my garden?


A3: Organic Gardening is a wonderful alternative to contemporary gardening!
Easy Green's recommendation for an organic program would be relatively simple.
For any pest related problems, use a product called Organicide or Organicide Plus.
For any fungal related problems, try using SK Eco Oil.

For Organic Fertilisers, use Plant-It Disks, Humic Total, Go Organic Sea Bird Guano and 1-For-All Fertiliser.

Nathan Keegan – Managing Director


Q4: Lots of snails & slugs, lots of dogs too! Is your snail bait safe to use with my dogs running around?


A4: This is an issue which we all worry about. Snail Bait is toxic to animals. Rather be cautious in your application and always keep snail bait stored away from where pets can chew on the box/packet. Try and keep your pets out of the areas where snail bait has been applied.

Arthur Keegan – Technical Advisor

Q5: What exactly are plant it disks?

plant disks

A5: Plant it Disks are made up of three key ingredients: Kelp Mash, Zeolite and Sand. The ingredient which makes these disks so effective is the Kelp. It contains a natural plant growth accelerator, known as Cytokenins. These Cytokenins have been scientifically proven to accelerate plant growth and improve fruit yields. Zeolite is a volcanic matter which in conjunction with the sand, assist in holding water at the root base. These disks work, we know they do!

Nathan Keegan – Managing Director

Q6: Is Koinor the only product I can use on my lemon tree?


A6: There are a number of great products you can use on your lemon tree. Easy Green would definitely recommend using Koinor but you can further your treatment by using the following:

SK Eco Oil – An organic option for treating aphid infestations and any fungal problems you might have.
Servus – A general insecticide which will treat all common pests associated with Citrus. 
Fertiliser – Will boost the immune system of the plant and will assist in growth. Use 1 – for – All, Go Organic Guano or Humic Total to boost your lemon tree and keep it healthy.

Arthur Keegan – Technical Advisor


Q7: I have noticed that my rat wax blocks are untouched but there are plenty rats still. Whats wrong?


A7: Rats are incredibly intelligent creatures. Never handle Rat Wax blocks without wearing gloves or by using a packet to cover your scent. Place your blocks in areas where the rats usually move about and keep out of reach of children and pets.

Arthur Keegan – Technical Advisor

Q8: How would you apply Chronos to roses?

A8: Chronos is simply mixed and sprayed onto your roses! 
7 – 10 ml / 10lt water

To prevent black spot and powdery mildew from attacking your plant: Apply at 7 – 10 day intervals using the lower rate. Use the higher rate when disease pressure is high. 

Corrective spray: Apply the higher rate twice, 5 days apart and thereafter at 7 day intervals until the symptoms disappear. If necessary a suitable wetter may be added. Apply only as a preventative treatment and as a full cover spray. Repeat application every 7 days. 
Use the higher rate when weather conditions are condusive to disease development (namely hot and humid conditions).

Remember to read the product label carefully.

Nathan Keegan – Managing Director