Plant Growth Enhancer

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Flume - Plant Growth Enhancer and Fertilizer

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Name: Flume

Description: A concentrated foliar and root applied powdered organic seaweed extract with chelated micro nutrients for use on ornamentals and various crops.

Flume is a non-toxic, concentrated seaweed extract formulated with chelated micronutrients that aid in maintaining optimum plant health. The well known growth promoting properties of the seaweed extract ensures vigorous root growth and enhanced production of chlorophyll.

Flume is recommended for use during periods of active vegetative growth and when fruit, seeds and storage organs are developing. Flume is especially useful when plants are recovering from periods of physiological stress. Flume also assists in the rapid budding and flowering of plants.

Flume readily goes into a solution and is rapidly absorbed by leaves and roots. The product can be applied either as a full cover foliar spray or root drench. Best applied early morning or late afternoon.

Flume contains Alginates that function as humectants. These compounds retain moisture and thereby ensure a prolonged uptake of the nutrients and growth substance present.

Flume easily dissolves in water and is compatible with most pesticides and nutrients.

As a general rule, Flume should be applied with an approved wetting/spreading agent to ensure that the spray droplets do not simply wash off the leaf surface. Where a range of dosage rates apply, use the lower rate of Flume when plants are in the early stages of growth and the higher rate when the foliage is more dense.

Available in 800g Tubs and 20kg Bags